It was a long journey, but we finally made it. From SFO, it was a 10 hr flight to London.  We were happy to find that our 7 bags were waiting for us once we got through customs, so we loaded up a cart and headed to the taxi stand.

After an hour long commute into London, we made it to a friend’s flat, where we planned to store 5 bags while we travel. You can imagine our disbelief when we were putting our bags in the storage room and came up one shy. We circled our steps a few times, wondering how on earth the bag disappeared. Apparently we left it back at the airport carousel.

We’re chalking this oversight up to a lack of sleep. Speaking of lack of sleep…you know you’re tired when you are making your decent into London, see a radio tower, and exclaim “Is that the Eiffel Tower?”

After dropping off our bags, we took the Chunnel from London to Brussels, where we ended the day on a high note eating mussels (in Brussels, a thank you) and drinking beer.

For more pictures, check out our Brussels photo album dated 1st April 2010