Happy Easter!  We are on day four of our trip and having a great time. We took a fun bike tour on day one, which gave us an overview of the main sites. Brussels is a beautiful city, and while it may be low on sites, it has a great atmosphere and friendly people. By far, the best part for us has been the food and drink: mussels, Belgian chocolates, waffles, croissants, espressos and of course great beer.

We are staying in an ideal location at a B&B inside the Galerie de la Reine. Normally, it is very quiet, but yesterday the owner informed us there was going to be a party in the building, or as he put it “an electric gay rager.” Because of the inconvenience, he offered to comp us the room that night.

Based on this information we decided to rework the day’s schedule. We thought if we could take a cat nap we would be able to stay out later and miss most of the noise. When we woke from our six-hour “cat nap” it was 10pm and the “gay rager” hadn’t even started. On our way out to dinner at 10:30, the bouncer confirmed (in heavy French accent) this was going to be “a very special event” that was expected to last until 6am. When we got home at 3, the “gay rager” was in full swing and sure enough, lasted until 6:30. Damn, those Belgian gays know how to party.