Bonjour. It’s our second day in Paris and we’ve already hit some of the main sites. Not something to brag about, but we did the Louvre in one hour, which might be a new record, even for us.  However, being that we are not art buffs, we only wanted to see a few pieces. Mostly we’ve done a lot of walking. We’ve explored a lot of the arrondissements and saw the Champs-Elysees and Arc de Triomphe.

After 2 weeks in B&Bs, we are happy to have an apartment. We like B&Bs, but it’s always nice to have your own space. Our first night here we were ready for a relaxing night in. Shopping for dinner involved stops at: bakery, rotisserie, cheese store, vegetable stand, and wine shop-all within steps from one another-very European.

We were thrilled that our apartment was equipped with washer and dryer, and jumped at the opportunity to do some laundry our first night. Foolish. We’re talking about one machine, which is both a washer and dryer. When the cycle finished (four hours later) our clothes were still very damp and by this time it was midnight. We didn’t know how to rerun only the dryer(machine directions are in French). We started pushing buttons and…of course restarted the whole cycle. Just one example of how doing even simple things in a foreign country is never easy.

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