Today we are in Aix-en-Provence.  This is considered the cultural heart of Provence.  This is pretty much a town for walking around and window-shopping – easy to see in a day. We had a great French lunch of tartines with the local rosé. After lunch we were walking around the city and fortunately stumbled upon a café with wireless (a lot less common than we expected).  We spotted a great, authentic looking pizza stand with a line around the corner, so we’re planning to grab one for dinner tonight back at our place in Marseille.

Our original plan was to stay in Marseille for seven nights and do side trips from our apartment. Once we got situated here, we realized that a few of the towns we really wanted to visit were over an hour away from our place. After thinking it over, we decided to bite the bullet and spend a couple nights in Arles. The decision was a little easier considering our accommodations in Marseille weren’t what we had hoped for. Our next posts will be coming from Arles (wahoo!).

For more pictures, check out our Aix-en-Provence photo album dated 23rd April 2010