So Much To Do

We’re two weeks away from departure and feeling really good about our progress. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

•Booked tickets from SFO to London

•Mailed off income taxes (come on big money!)

•Purchased 3-country Eurail passes

•Booked accommodations for Brussels, Bruge, Amsterdam, Paris, Provence, Dordogne, and San Sebastian

•Purchased luggage and clothes

•Bought Katie’s noise-canceling headphones (Brent already has them)

•Bought new camera (see “Gear”)

•Sold both cars

•Read many books in the name of research

•Gave landlord one-month’s notice

•Went to final doctor check-ups

•Put all finances online and established automatic bill pay

•Purchased Macbook (still learning how to use it)

•Downloaded Skype and practiced using it with family members (so fun!)

•Set up website

•Got GPS system for international navigation

•Brushed up on foreign languages

We’re feeling hugely relieved to have been so productive but, there is still a lot to do in the next week:

•Cancel gym memberships, magazines, wine clubs

•Cancel cable (gets its own line because we so relish the thought of it)

•Notify post office of change of address

•Notify credit cards and banks of travel abroad plans

•Pack up apartment and sell or give away furniture