Fall Activities

This month kicked off with our first English Premier League soccer game at Craven Cottage, a friendly between Fulham and Bremen.  We are still deciding which English soccer team we want to adopt, but Fulham is looking like a strong contender. We like supporting the underdogs (Fulham has been around since the 1800s and their best league finish was 7th place in 2008 – take that Cubs fans!)  We also like watching Clint Dempsey, an American who has played on the team for several years now. Plus the stadium is real old-timey, not to mention easy to get to – just six tube stops away from our place and no transfers – perfect. A group of blokes sitting near us, clearly season ticket holders, were as much entertainment as the game with their endless, colorful rantings at the German players. “You fall down faster than a German submarine!” and “Oh come on you girlie girl, why don’t you have your nappy changed while your down!” were some of the memorable ones.

This month we’ve discovered London walks (www.walks.com), a great way to see London. There are walks for everything: ghost walks, pub walks, Beatles walks, literary walks, historical walks, etc. The walks are two hours long and happen all over the city, rain or shine. We have learned so much about London this way and are trying to do at least one walk a week.

We have lots of exciting stuff planned in the next couple weeks including a weekend in Edinburgh and a visit from some friends back home. Stay tuned!