The best part of living in London is our proximity to mainland Europe. Just two hours on the Chunnel and we’re high-browing it in the City of Light. This time it was a very short trip – only two days – but any visit to gay Paree is a treat.

While Brent was busy saving lives, Katie visited a few sites and areas of town that were new to us. First stop was the Marmottan Museum to admire a little Impressionism (specifically Monets) in a beautiful old home on a quiet residential street. Then it was off for some people watching in Parc Monceau, where locals gather for lunch-hour picnics and sunning. Finally, there was a much overdue visit to the dramatic Sacré-Cœur Basilica and the surrounding Montmartre area.

Montmartre is a hilly neighborhood with views of the city and a famous little square called Place du Tertre. Even though the square is very crowded with tourists it’s a fun place to walk around and dodge artists as they try to sketch your likeness. There are a number of art studios, piano bars, cabarets (most famously the Moulin Rouge) and even a vineyard so there’s a lot to see. There is also an unusual cemetery, pretty and spooky at the same time, where many famous Parisian artists are buried.

In the evening we enjoyed a few nice meals together near our hotel, getting our fill of french onion soup and french fries. From here we’re back to the States for the weekend for a family wedding.

For more pictures, check out our Paris photo album dated 18th April 2011