For our 5-year anniversary we splurged on a relaxing holiday to Santorini, easy enough to get to in three hours from London on Easyjet. At the Santorini airport we had to wait for all the passengers to deplane so we could all then board a bus, which drove us all of 50 yards to the back door of the airport. Oh well. Times are tough in Greece so at least that gig keeps the bus driver employed.

This trip was unique for us because instead of running ourselves ragged with sightseeing, we passed the majority of our time lounging by the pool, eating tzatziki (tzatziki my heart) and staring off into the cool blue water of the Aegean. Between the Caldera (a volcano long since erupted and filled in with water) and the cliffside-clinging whitewashed villages, we both agreed that this has to be one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen. Even though we never wanted to leave the hotel property, we did make one excursion with some mates from London to a local winery. Interestingly, the grapes in Greece grow low to the ground like bushes, rather than as upright vines. At Domaine Sigalas we impressed ourselves by sampling over 40 different glasses of the local nectar and still made it out to dinner (where Brent and Adam were further compelled to sample the local ouzo).

In the evenings we walked into town to see the famous Oia sunsets. Most of our dinners were down in Amoudi Bay, the best place to go for freshly caught fish. Of course part of the joy of being in Greece is the food. One of the local specialties is lobster spaghetti, which we enjoyed more than once and another favorite was lightly fried red mullet served simply with lemon. Even the local cats know the Amoudi Bay is  the place to hang about for scrapes. (Not to mention it is the place to get a donkey ride back up the hill to Oia if you’re feeling adventuresome.)

Although we dreaded the passing of each day, we always looked forward to the next morning, when a young man from the hotel would impressively manage over a hundred steps to deliver the most beautiful Greek breakfast tray to our room. Breakfast included Greek salad, Greek pie, Greek omelet, Greek sausages, Greek yogurt with local honey, croissants, toast, homemade jams, pancakes, cake, rice pudding, fresh oj and coffee. It was a delight. Part of the reason our trip was so enjoyable was because of the incredibly accommodating and gracious hotel staff. The pool lads and gal would phrase things in the most respectful and charming way with their cute accents such as, “would the lady like more ice?” Admittedly we enjoyed being waiting on hand and foot. Yes we know we paid to be treated royally but the young staff and management were genuinely friendly and it really made our trip special.

For an anniversary trip we don’t think we could have done any better. Hope to enjoy many more years of happy marriage and blissful holidays.

For more pictures, check out our Santorini photo album dated 9th June 2012